Saturday, March 14, 2009

Things that make me happy

Star put out a call for things on your happy list. Here is my list for today.

Day 2--

1. When Anderson asked "If I buy it with my own money would you let me get a regular crab with really sharp claws?. . .Well, what if I find one, then?"

2. When I said, "Oh, Goodness!" to Rosalie and she echoed me "Oh, Gohneets!"

3. Rosalie has doubts about my intelligence. She walked right up to where I was sitting on the floor, looked me dead in the eye, and said, "Food!"
I said, "Oh, are you hungry? Do you want some food?"
On her face was a look of mild exasperation that I have begun to recognize--Why doesn't Mom understand? How can I make myself more clear?--"Mmmunch!"
(I think she meant "lunch.")

4. When you, Casey, called from India at 2:45 am your time (3:15 pm here) to say you'd arrived safely. I hope you slept well for all of four hours before you got up for church. We all miss you very much and pray for you every prayer.

Wish you were here. Since I'm not there, I should have sent a li'l me with you to pose for photos!


kate said...

mmmunch! i love it! sad i'm missing her becoming a person. cause you know she would love me!

Sarah C. said...

How fun, I've been wanting to make a thinks that make me happy blog. I'll take this as a tag. I love baby mispronunciations. I'm afraid I loved them too long in Jack and now we're going through the picture books, working on the blends. One of the things that makes me happy is I get to look forward to a by-the-day travelogue of Casey in India!