Friday, March 13, 2009

At Home

Casey left for India this morning. I drove him there on less than 5 hours of post-packing sleep. I felt a little groggy on the trip back home but it didn't really hit me until after school when Ani had two of her friends over. Every time they passed through the living room I snapped awake from my slumped position on the couch. It's never too early to start embarrassing your pre-teen in front of her friends.
Casey is usually here to experience and/or endure the daily minutiae of our lives. But since he's not, the next two weeks of blogging will be mostly for his benefit.
He has promised to post about his experiences while away, too.
So here goes:

Day 1--

Ready to bust a move

Ready to bust a moue

Happy as a duck in the muck

Look closely--the cranes have returned! They flew a circle around the whole property while they had this discussion--She: "Why do we always come here? It's spring everywhere else but look at all this snow!" He: "I kept telling you we didn't have to migrate yet." She: "No one likes a know-it-all." He: Honk!

Casey, I really like this camera. I'm glad you took the other one.

Ani and her friends made us brownies.

Anderson and his friends terrorized Ani and her friends. And made Rosalie laugh and laugh.

Lissa is at a friend's house in Liberty. They are going to watch a Church ball tournament. I hope she doesn't get broken.

Oh, and I moved the furniture around.

Wish you were here.


kate said...

look how fancy your living room looks! loved all the daily minutiae, make me feel like i'm there.

kate said...

makes. makes me feel. wow-the dumbness of my brain surprises me even now.

edith said...

Pregnant women's brains are occupied making new humans. Nothing dumb about that.

Katie said...

Edith - I love that I get to see your daily living - that is so fun for me. Ani's friends all look like her. Your livingroom looks so nice. I guess now you can move all the tv stuff and toys downstairs huh? It's very aesthetically pleasing the way you've arranged things. AND here is a shout out to CASEY IN INDIA!!! (the caps is so its loud enough for him to hear) And who are those two in the snowsuits? I'm guessing it's Meredith and Rosalie but it just looks like two Merediths. Ok - that is all. I look forward to these posts though. They are fun fun fun... till the daddy takes the t-bird away. sorry.