Sunday, March 1, 2009


Sudden pandemonium echoed up the stairs from the basement.
Casey's low voiced "RAAARR!" was barely audible under the shrill screams of pure panic coming from my children.
"That's funny," I thought. "They aren't usually that scared of their dad."

It sure helps to have a visual aid.

As I walked past the primary room today, I just happened to be in time to hear the teacher ask Meredith what her dad does to help the family. "He touches the bugs and doesn't even die."

Post Edit: For those of you who asked for more information, here it is. We have one creepy window well in the basement that collects wildlife--everything from mice to lizards to giant bugs. (Despite my carefully installed mesh grating over the top.) Since, until now, we didn't spend much time in the basement, we usually saw these unfortunates in various stages of decay and/or petrification. Now that we have carpet (! Post later!) we thought it would be a good idea to clean it out a little.
This giant beetle is the Prionus Californicus--it is a "long horned" wood borer beetle whose larva attack the roots of stone fruit trees. They can grow to be around 3 inches long. We don't know how long this one was because it had disintegrated under its wing cases, but it was BIG ENOUGH.


kate said...

horrible! i bet lissa and ani can't wait to move down to the basement now!

kate said...

man, it's more like a rodent!

Markie said...


Jenny said...

I need WAY more information on this one.
Is that thing real?
What the heck is it?
Where the freak did you find it?
Did Casey really live after touching it?

Jennifer said...

I'm with Jenny... more info please! That thing is disgusting! Our Primary had the same lesson, about what each family member does. It was funny to hear what the kids had to say. One said that his mom watches TV all day.

Sarah C. said...

I did not know they grow them that big in Huntsville. Not encouraging.

Katie B. said...

Nice terrified faces. Yucky bug.

victoria said...

Love Lissa's face. I was sure it was a plastic bug. I'm not sure we can live up there anymore.

edith said...

We've never seen most of the interesting wildlife in our window well out in the natural world. I mean, lizards? Never. Only in the window well. I doubt Prionus Californicus will figure at all in your valley dwelling life, Victoria.
So try it. You'll like it.

Katie said...

Great faces! It sounds like a proud kid to exclaim that her dad touches bugs and doesn't even die. AND CARPET???? HMM??? That's exciting. Did you know that I'll get to see it in person? Luke and I are coming to Huntsville for a few days at the beg. of April. So, make sure and have that window well cleaned out would you?