Monday, March 23, 2009

At Home--Day 11

The kids were out of school today. Which meant we were all here together, except for Casey, all day long.
I don't know why I always want to get some project done whenever Casey is gone. I can't remember if it was my sister Kate or Victoria who said she would be especially sure NOT to work on projects when her husband was gone. Taking care of the kids alone is enough. I agree with that, but I just couldn't help myself, soooo--I deep cleaned the downstairs bathroom! Call me crazy. . . (Here is a sample of what I thought I might try to do--build storage shelves, build matching headboards for girls' room, build closet doors for girls' room, varnish basement door, refurbish bedside table and add tile top, make pillows for windowseat. . .)

The best part of the day was Grandma and Grandpa Songer coming for (and bringing) dinner. I pretty much dangled the carrot of their arrival (with pizza) over my kids for hours to get them to behave. And I tried a new recipe out on our guests: Oven Roasted Asparagus ala Pioneer Woman Cooks. I knew they would appreciate it. It was yummy. Lissa and Anderson liked it, too. Anderson probably liked it because asparagus comes in spears.

Casey called three separate times since it dawned Monday where he is. So we got to wish him Happy Birthday three different times. The last time was from the airport before he boarded. It was an hour from Tuesday there and he will arrive here Tuesday (tommorrow!) evening around eight pm. He gets to travel for around thirty hours and still have four hours left of Tuesday. It's time travel!

He's almost here, he's just about here! (repeat!)
(This is based on the Grover final approach song that we kids used to torment my parents with after a 7 hour drive.)

Do you think pilots would go any faster if they could hear their passengers asking "Are we there yet?"?

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