Friday, March 20, 2009

At Home--Day 8

This morning I had to run to town to do some errands. Lissa stayed home sick for the second day so she was there to answer Casey's Skype calls at 9 and again at 11. I was sad to miss them. But I got to talk to him at 10 tonight. Sounds like he's having a wild day.

Meredith went to a birthday party today for a girl from her preschool. Does it happen to you that your child comes home from a birthday party with more stuff, and worth more, than they took as a present? This keeps happening to me. But I know how my kids are with toys--the more they have the less they value them. So at least I don't spend a lot on these gifts that are destined for the D. I. Also, my kids only get friend parties at ages 5, 8, and 12. Teenage parties are something I don't even want to think about.

Today the neighbor kid came to clean the outsides of my windows. He is raising money for Prom, I think. Anyway, it was pretty embarrassing how messy my house was. I paid him a little extra to keep his mouth shut.
Rosalie and Meredith thought it was the funnest thing ever to follow him around outside while he worked. Somewhere along the way Rosalie ditched her pants and smeared her face with dirt. Did you ever see two kids who look more like nobody loves them? My mom used to say "You look like nobody loves you," when we got really dirty. When I say it, it means "You're making your mother look bad, go change and/or brush your hair and/or wash your face." My kids think it means "You are quite an individual, aren't you? I can see you like to make your own fashion choices and I applaud your avant garde appearance."
Then again, maybe they think it means nobody loves them. Maybe I shouldn't say that anymore.

And since it's Friday night, we did Fort Night again. This time they all get to share one big fort so we don't have any whining about whose fort is better.

Wish you could be here for Fort Night, Casey. We could make the best fort of all and not share it with anyone else.

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Katie said...

cool fort. so we totally top you on the birthday party thing. Luke went to a birthday party yesterday at our neighbors and we didn't even think to bring a present at all. (Hey, I'm new!) And felt sheepish as we left with a huge bag of toys, candy and bubbles. Woopsie!