Friday, April 17, 2009

My Little O. C. D.arling

I love it when my kids can find something quiet and non-destructive to do to entertain themselves. Though sometimes I do wonder if this kind of repetitive behavior is normal. You should see what she does with blocks.
We had to get rid of all the really small elastics (the half-inchers) after I caught her with dark-purple hands a few times.

She had already moved all the elastics onto one hand before she started the transfer to the other. I wanted to see how long it would take her--in real time, five minutes. The soundtrack is "Bagdad" played by Lissa.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Give us a (spring) break!

March has come and March has gone.
But still the snow is on the lawn.
The birds are here, they sing their song.
But something still is very wrong.

The bikes are out, they lie about.
The kids are in, they sit and pout.
The snowpants have to be got out--again!
Poor Mom! Just hear her shout.

April's here, but still we fear
That her intentions are not clear.
No buds are open on the trees.
No flowers wait to greet the bees.
We're begging! We're down on our knees!
Oh, Springtime! Come to our house, Please!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Major Bed Head

A few mornings ago I suggested to Anderson, "You might want to brush your hair today."

He took a look in the mirror and said, "No way! It's freakin' AWESOME!"

The Plan of Salvation

This is what we did for family night last week. It's always fun to draw on the wall.
For more information, go here.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Got me some soul

In India, the saying goes, "A woman without jewelry is like a body without a soul."

The pearl and emerald necklace and blue blouse are just some of the pretty-pretties Casey brought me from India. I also got two other blouses, two silk scarves, one Kashmiri scarf/shawl, and a sequined maroon skirt.

I love them. But mostly I'm just glad to have him back.