Sunday, March 15, 2009

At Home--Day 3

Ah, Sunday.
We did Fort Night last night because we all forgot to on Friday. Here are the chipper faces that greeted me at 8:00 this morning.

We got to church just as the clock was chiming the hour. Ani and Meri went to nursery with Rosalie today until the second hour when I sent them to class and took their place. Sacrament Meeting and choir practice both went okay--I promised the kids I'd make crepes for lunch if they were good. Rosalie spent ten minutes of choir practice hanging onto my leg, and then ten minutes on top of the grand piano at my elbow. Apparently that was a fascinating place to be, because she sat like a sack of sugar until it was over.

I managed to semi-nap on the couch after getting Rosalie up from a failed attempt at her nap. And then Anderson pestered me until I helped him put together the kite. I wasn't about to help him fly it though. Yes, I am the meanest mom.

Just regular chaos and disorder reigned for the rest of the day until bedtime. Casey got to see it over the Skype video for twenty minutes until I chased the kids out and shut the door for some private time with the Eye.

Yeah, it was romantic.

Too bad he doesn't have one of these with him in India. Rosalie saw a picture of him and said, "Daddy, bye-bye. See...him...soon?"

Wish you were here.


Mom & Dad said...

Fort Night. Wish I'd thought of that.

Katie said...

So, do you guys do Fort Night every Friday? Looks fun. I like the pic of the kids flying a kite in the snow. And Rosalie sounds grown up to be saying such fancy sentences. Do you think she'll like Luke still or will she be too smart for him?

edith said...

We have a Fort Night every two weeks. Just kidding! This was actually our first one, but I can tell it's going to become a tradition.
Who could not like Luke?