Tuesday, March 17, 2009

India blog - Day 4

Monday we got up and ate breakfast (I pretty much ate the same thing at the buffet as before. I know, I'm boring). Our driver came at 9:00 and drove us to the Mepz technology section where we were meeting our counterparts. We spent lots of time meeting everybody and doing meetings all day. They have tea breaks each morning and afternoon and lunch in between. Lunch was a buffet catered inside the building. Food was good, but not great.

After work, around 5:30, we drove back through Chennai to the beach. Here is a shot of all the workers walking back to the train.

At the beach we basically stood around and talked. Shankar told us all about politics, language and other fun Indian topics.

After that we went to a Catholic church (St. Thomas Cathedral) that was fairly impressive.

Then we drove back to the hotel. Kurt, Gail, Randy and I ate dinner at the restaurant on the roof. It was really nice up there, because there was a nice breeze that was cool and it felt wonderful. The food was good too, including the brownies and ice cream. I don't think I'm losing weight.

After dinner I answered some emails, talked to Edith on the skype, and then went to sleep.

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Katie said...

what case? no crocodile eggs for breakfast? common'!