Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Peer Pressure

Rosalie recently made friends with Isabelle. Isabelle has baby goats at her house. And baby kittens. And a beautiful playhouse in the yard. In four-year-old's terms, Isabelle is cool.

They both wanted to get in the safety swings at the park. I lifted them in and gave starter pushes.

Rosalie has never liked swinging high. In her own words, "Not too high, Mom. I freakout when I get too high."
But Isabelle LOVES to go high. And higher. "Again! Push me higher!"
Never have so many underdoggies been given in so little time to so little a kid. At least, not by me.

Rosalie said, "Okay, Mom. You can push me a little higher."
Isabelle yelled, "This is fun!"
Rosalie, through clenched teeth, "Yeah, fun! But not too high or we'll fall out. Right, Mom?"
When I contradicted that fear, she loosened up a little more. Pretty soon I was doing a full circle--underdoggie to Isabelle, turn and underdoggie to Rosalie.

What we'll do to be "in" with the cool kids.