Thursday, April 7, 2011

Head Trauma Week

1--Anderson startles too enthusiastically when Lissa grabs him from behind, propelling his own forehead into the corner of the newel post. He is sad that his hair keeps people from easily seeing his newest bruise.

2--Rosalie tries to scale the climbing wall at cousin Mckays' house but gets discouraged two-thirds of the way up and lets gravity get her down. With a severe head bonk she lies on Aunt Wendy's bed surrounded by female relatives who bring her pain-killer, books, blankets, and frozen hash-browns (to ice the bump) until she falls asleep.

3--Lissa gets up in the night to use the bathroom. With a sleepy sense of vertical she smacks her head hard against the door frame.

4--While removing rodent corpses from the window well, Casey comes up for a breath of fresh air. The overhanging corner of the widow well grate punctures his scalp even through his thick, knitted ski-cap. Instead of stitches, we use the time-honored method of pulling the hair together around the gash and holding it in place with an elastic.

5--Anderson learns that hanging upside-down from the bar stool can result in the bar stool falling over and landing on your face. With blood gushing from his nose he screams, "SAVE ME! I'M GONNA DIE!" The small puncture wound on the outside of his nose (where his glasses were pressed into his face) continues to ooze all through our visit to Mckay's house to see Hudson open his mission call. Lissa regrets that we didn't take a picture of all the blood on the floor before we cleaned it up.

6--While at Mckay's house, Meri tries to show cousin Chloe that she can pick her up. Chloe tries to help her by jumping. Both girls fall over and the back of Meri's head hits the tile floor with a loud thunk. She wants to go home and go to bed. In the morning her vision is no longer blurry.

While talking over the spate of injuries, we realize that only Anika and I have not sustained any head trauma recently. Should we worry?