Wednesday, March 18, 2009

At Home--Day 6

Things that happened today:

Andrew came to play with Meredith

Rosalie threw only one tantrum

Lissa lost a tooth

I learned how to connect the projector to the laptop and make it show the PC's screen

We played outside

Things that didn't happen today:

Anderson did not go to his friend's house as arranged--Branson was sick

I did not find, nor inspire Anderson to find his missing library book that is due today

I did not finish my "skit" for the Relief Society Birthday party tomorrow--my techie is out of town and my brain feels like this:

Miss you, techie. Wish you were here.


kate said...

hee hee. i can totally see you making that face. good luck tonight.

olderockhouse said...

Made me scream gigle =)