Saturday, March 21, 2009

At Home--Day 9

I don't really have a lot to report for today. Except we pigged out!

Whole wheat muffins for breakfast (some with chocolate chips--I made them for the choir practice and only 11 people showed.)
Then, after a futile housecleaning (futile in that it's messy again already) we had strawberry crepes for lunch. Hooray! Strawberry time!

And then we had Navajo tacos for dinner. Victoria and Mike walked in just as I was beginning the fry up, so they stayed to dinner with their kids. It was nice to have company. I miss adult conversation.
And, in spite of a lot of freshly ground whole wheat in the above items, I don't think it was very healthy. There was too much oil involved. And sugar. (nummy)

Don't tell me you don't wish you were here. I know you do.


Casey said...

I certainly wish I was there. I would pay a lot of money for a strawberry crepe right now.

kate said...

aw, i miss walking in just as you are starting dinner. i'm moochy like that. and you're such a good cook. sounds like a yummy day.

Katie said...

we mooched navajo tacos from you just a few months ago. those strawberries look delish. are these pics with your sony? or does casey have it?