Friday, October 9, 2015

Update on Anika

In our rush to leave for our epic family road trip, we never posted about Anika's graduation!

with cousin Brigham
I thought we'd send out announcements when we got back, but we rushed from one thing to the next all summer long. After we got home from our family vacation we had two Hale reunions--both in southern Utah--a Songer reunion, a Songer Bear Lake trip, Trek for Anika and Clarissa, Girls' Camp, Laurel High Adventure, Scout Camp, Casey and Anderson's 50 miler, and a trip to Ireland. And then Anika moved to BYU.
It's been an adjustment for all of us. We miss her. She turned 18 just days before she left. When we dropped her off her phone wasn't working very well, so that added stress to the situation. I was really worried for the first couple of weeks. (Nothing new, I'm a worrier.)
But she's doing well now. She's got a better phone and so she can call and tell us what's up with her. We love to hear it. She's pushing herself to do fun and hard things. Just yesterday she saw some of her favorite comedy performers. She wanted to get a picture with them, but she worried that they would be sick of being asked. In the end she decided it would make a dumb story to talk about the time she almost asked if she could get a picture with these guys, so she was brave and did it.
fan girl