Thursday, March 19, 2009

At Home--Day 7

Whoohoo! I'm finished with my fabulous Relief Society presentation! I finished writing it about 4:30 this afternoon, picked up a spare reader during dinner, and it was all over in a matter of minutes. It was all about how to simplify your life. And if they ask me to do another skit any time soon, I will simplify my life by saying "No." Or maybe "No, thank you."
Actually, I thought I would feel a little more relief than this. But it just cleared room for all the other things that I have to do to press in on me. (recycling tomorrow, must buy birthday present for party, need groceries, doctor's appointment, pick up recital music, call everyone for choir practice Saturday morning, make muffins for choir members, buy non-staining juice to go with muffins, lead song on Sunday (don't mess up), make jello-salad for farewell dinner for Jon, make or buy bread for same, don't forget to buy ingredients for jello salad, no school on Monday, early out tomorrow, arrange play date for Anderson, find overdue library books, return projector to Stake Center)
I hope you didn't read all that.

Here are a couple of links I used in my presentation--you've probably seen them. But they are fun.
Mom My Ride
The Meanest Mom

And here's something else you've already seen: Rosalie outside. She's so bossy. She makes me take her outside two or three times a day! But she doesn't throw hissy fits if she gets her outside time. Maybe it's the vitamin D.

Casey, thank you for buying me tons of stuff, I mean stuffs, in India. I hope when you go to the Taj Mahal and think about how it is a big tomb a man built as a monument for his beloved wife, you will think of your beloved wife and wish that I was there. With you. Not in the tomb.


Michelle Rios said...

You are my heroine. Really.
Blessings to you and your family.

Sarah C. said...

I want to see your script!!! Please. And thank you for introducing me to the Meanest Mommy. I cried twice. A mom with boys should only be a realist. And (re: her last post) I just got a friends haircut too, that should be styled and it looks like poop. And that is an amazing photo of Rosalie. You are one of the most artistic people I know. I always say so. You should enlarge and hang all your kid photos on your basement wall.

Star said...

I hope someone made a video of it. I'm sure it was awesome!
I love the Taj Mahal talk, you are too funny!

Katie said...

Joey here, maybe I can lighten your load by telling you to not recycle. I had an epiphany today and it is this: Recycling contributes to global warming. At least recycling paper. Think about it. If you believe that CO2 causes global warming (I'm not yet convinced that it does), then shouldn't we be burying as much paper in landfills as possible? Paper is made from fast growing birch trees that suck CO2 out of the atmosphere. If we bury paper in landfills, it is just like burying the CO2 that we pulled out of the ground in the form of fossil fuel. I am a genius. You're welcome Mother Earth.

victoria said...

I laugh myself to tears reading the Meanest Mom. Thanks for the cartharsis (see boy books, aka man with 3 legs). Ahhhh, I feel better. Also like that cat picture. That looks like our old cat, don't you think?