Tuesday, March 17, 2009

At Home--Day 5

This morning, by special request, I did Anika's hair. We do that so rarely that it has to be documented.

St. Patrick's day--and sister Victoria's birthday. For her present, I went to Ogden and brought her girls home with me.

Rosalie chose her own outfit today entirely without my input. All I had to do was put her tights on (over her pajamas) and button her sweater. She did the accessories herself.

She looks sweet, don't you think? Well, it didn't last. Due to an appalling lack of sleep last night, in which I shared (not by choice) Rosalie had a number of grade A meltdowns today. The last was best of all the game. "And when she was bad, she was Horrid!"

My brain is full, may I be excused?

Casey, I really wish you were here. Have fun, anyway.


Star said...

I'm loving all the day to day updates,and yes you may be excused.

kate said...

what a nice present to victoria. so sorry about your night, but i must say, rosalie is a girl after my own fashion heart. lookin good!

victoria said...

yes - that was a really great present! So nice to hang out with Mike and Charlie all day.

And, yes, that was some SERIOUS tantrumage. Casey, send Edith to the spa when you get home.

Katie said...

we think Luke might have the songer-hale meltdown gene. he's been doing a lot of the "wet noodle" lately. Cute cute Roey. I just read an article about letting kids express themselves with clothes. So experts confirm what we already knew - you're a really good mom. :-)