Friday, March 20, 2009

India Blog - Day 7

We got up in the morning and went to the Cognizant offices in Hyderabad. We just spent the morning there, since Randy, Kurt and I don't have a lot of contacts there. The team there presented us with flowers when we arrived. Since I couldn't really take them with me to give them to Edith, I took a picture so I could give that to her. Here you go:

They also gave us a very cool plate with Indian painting on it.

After lunch in the office (more Indian food), we took off to go to a museum. It was a huge museum with all kinds of stuff: paintings, clothes, sculptures, glass, toys, swords, guns, etc.). It was pretty cool, but started to all blur together after the first hour.

After that we drove into town and took a conference call in the car that was really hard to hear.

We went to a Mosque/Monument that Hyderabad is famous for called Charminar. It looked cool during the day and even cooler lit up at night.

We went into some shops and stuff. Gail got sucked into a pearl shop (Hyderabad is famous for them) and we ended up spending a long time there waiting for her. And some of the others decided to buy some as well.

We didn't get back to the hotel and done with dinner until after 11:00, but I went to sleep as early as I could after that, because we had to wake up early and get to the airport for our flight.


Star said...

A picture of flowers is almost as good as the real thing, but when they're from India... even better!
I love hearing about your trip!

Katie said...

that gaile and her pearl buying. (i also bought pearls from china) good to hear you got to meet more cognizant peeps.