Friday, August 6, 2010

All that she wants

We had one of those days where all our best laid plans resulted in a promise to go to the zoo being broken. And this after we drove to Salt Lake--an hour long trip.

Instead, we went to the movies with a dozen of our cousins. On the way out of the theater I handed Rosalie the box of Raisinets. There were four or five left. She tried to get them out of the box and ended up spilling them on the floor where they were trampled.

It was just too much for her. She collapsed next to an arcade game and began to moan. I let her have a few minutes to herself while we were gathering everyone up. She began to pull off the rubber edging on the game case. Aunt Victoria reattached it while I tried to cheer up my three-year-old by rubbing her back. And I asked her what she wanted, hoping it would be "I wanna go home." (That's what she wanted on the trip there.)

At first I didn't understand what she said. I asked her to repeat it. And again. At last I understood--the thing she wanted was. . . a Unicorn.

I had to ask.