Sunday, March 22, 2009

At Home Day 10

I already did my blogging today--I hung over the sink and went "blahg, blahg!"

Seriously, I am sick.

It was such bad timing. Luckily there are good and talented people all around me to fill in when I go down with the stomach flu. I was told that the choir number went well, directed by a woman in our ward who graduated in Performance Arts. (I was assured that it didn't go as well as it would have if I had been there. But I didn't believe it.)

And Casey's parents took the older kids to church with them. And fed them afterwards. Here's Grandma Songer's account:
With Casey in India and Edith sick with the flu, we took their kids to Church and brought them home for crepes. Dad was mixing the batter. I set an unmarked container of salt on the counter, which he mistook for sugar. Four tablespoons of salt :o Yuk! We mixed up another batch and ate lunch. Afterward, as we're cleaning up, I was thinking out loud, "I wonder if there is anything I can do with this salty batter"
Ani had the best idea - "Grandma, you could melt the snow!"

Rosalie was remarkably patient with me as I continued to fall asleep on the couch or the bed while she played with hair elastics and talked to herself. She did stay awake calling from her crib during her whole naptime, but that didn't stop me from sleeping, either.

Then Wendy took Anderson and Meredith to the Hale family farewell to Jon party. And Ani and Lissa went to the Stake Center with Grandma and Grandpa Songer to watch the Draper Temple dedication. I hope they remember it and are glad they went there instead of the Hale party. There are always Hale parties. Not so often a Temple dedication.

We talked to Casey and wished him "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" It is already his birthday in India. He'll be catching the plane in about 15 hours after a very long day. We probably won't hear from him again until he is stateside.

Casey, can't wait til you're here.

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Katie said...

Wo. So sorry to hear that you were "blahging" all day. That sounds like a very rough day.
So - "get wells!" to Edith and some "Happy Birthdays!" to Casey.
From Joey and Katie.
Who so enjoy your blog. But not your blahgs.