Friday, April 13, 2012

So nice to come home to

When Casey and I came home from our date last week we were greeted by this:

A whole door full of notes from our kids!

These two are from Lissa--drawings of some of our favorite things.

From Anika, new lyrics to the tune of "Taylor, the Latte Boy."

From Meredith and Anika, badges for us to wear.

From Rosalie, a note to Mom. It kind of matches the note she gave Dad on his birthday. We love how the letters are backwards, but they still read left to right. Mostly.
Translated, they read: "Dear Mom, I love you so much." And "Dear Dad, Birthday from Rosalie."

From Anderson, an awesome acrostic.

And there were more:
--a note from Meredith saying I love you sooooooooo(116 o's) much.
--a poem from Anika
--and several more notes and drawings

However, this one from Meredith, gave us pause--

But our fears were, luckily, unfounded: