Friday, May 29, 2009

Separation Anxiety

Rosalie is worried. The kids just went upstairs without her. ("Hey, guys!")
She turns to me and spouts a string of syllables out of which I only recognize "Emma"--the name of her visiting cousin.
"You can go, too," I say
She slips off my lap, turns and says, "Shee ya!" while waving.
Me: "Bye!"
She turns on the first step, waves and says, "Bye!"
She turns on the third step and waves.
On the fifth step she turns, waves, and says, "Yater!"
On the last step before the landing, she turns and says, "Soon!"
Just before she goes past the bend on the landing she leans around and waves one last time.
She knows I am watching her every step. She worries--I don't always handle separation well.

Happy Birthday, Rosalie! 2 Years Old! Don't grow up too fast, K?


Katie B. said...

I love reading the dialogues you have with your kids. It's such a great way to preserve memories! I love the book my parents kept of funny things we said when we were little.

Jenny said...

Cute scenario. And so true at the end.

Katie said...

what a considerate child. letting you down easy. since she did ditch you for the kids upstairs. but didn't her prolonged good-bye make you feel so loved?

victoria said...

It took a while for Rosalie's picture to come up - it was totally worth the wait! What a cutie patootie pie!

Mom & Dad said...


olderockhouse said...

Oh, Mom stole my comment...we musst be related :D