Monday, May 4, 2009

The Long and Short

Ani was growing her hair for two reasons: to see if she could get her hair as long as her friend Lindsey's, and to donate it to Locks of Love (minimum of 10 inches-) She had reached both goals when spring arrived, and suddenly everyone wanted short hair.

Lissa didn't have 10 inches of hair to cut off, but I learned that they will take shorter lengths of hair and sell them to offset the costs of making their wigs for kids.

I hope red hair sells for a lot, because it breaks my heart to chop it.

I also cut Anderson's and Casey's hair.

"I want my freakin' awesome hair back, Mom. Why'd you have to cut it?"

And Handsome Man is still handsome.

Meredith cut her own hair not long ago--the same haircut she gave herself last year. (I give her a bob, then she cuts the sides off when I'm not looking.) I guess that's how she likes it.


kate said...

all cuts look very nice! so does that beach. cold, but nice! i love those cute kids.

Star said...

All ready for summer...if it ever comes.
So when are you going to cut your hair?

Katie said...

Those are some drastic cuts! and some brave girls! I love the new blog pic. Was that a family outing to Pineview?

Sarah C. said...

I love short hair! It's healthy, sporty, bouncy, cute! And a cute family too. I'm trying not to be sad about not seeing you guys this summer.

olderockhouse said...

Way to go Anika and Lissa. I love that they wanted to donate their hair! I never had hair long enough to donate...mine grows slow as snails.
(why do we have to type the weird wprd?)