Friday, June 5, 2009

The dok, dok house

There was this time when Meredith learned a scary story and enjoyed telling it to us. She probably took the strained, eyes-popped expressions we wore for terror. But really, we were just trying not to laugh. It goes like this:

"In the dok, dok woods there was a dok, dok house.
And in the dok, dok house there was a dok, dok kitchen.
And in the dok, dok kitchen there was a dok, dok stairs.
And up the dok, dok stairs there was a dok, dok hall.
And in the dok, dok hall there was a dok, dok room.
And in the dok, dok room there was a dok, dok closet.
And in the dok, dok closet there was a dok, dok box.
And in the dok, dok box there was a Boogeyman!

She had me at dok dok.


Sarah C. said...

Man that was a great story. I wish I could have heard it in person!

kate said...

heeheeheehee!! i love it!! great picture!

Jenny said...

This was the story she was telling Andrew when Andrew said, "What does dok mean?" Then Meredith said, "It means when there's no light. I just can't say my 'awes'. Just like how you can't say my name." (It comes out as "Medolith")

Katie said...

HA!! I love the story and the comment by Jens. I didn't realize kids knew if they couldn't say their "awes". I love the picture - a cute but dok, dok boogeyman.

victoria said...

vehwee skehwee.

Jenny said...

Edith, I realized I had actually typed the conversation I was talking about before. I found the file and here's the last part of it.

Meri: This toy’s a cowawd.

Drew: What’s cowawd?

Meri: Scared of things. My mom’s a cowawd. She’s afraid to jump out of a plane. That’s what cowawd means.

Drew: It means not jumping out of things?

Meri: No. It means being scawed of things. I’m a cowawd of climbing twees.

Drew: Cowawd?

Meri: You can’t say it vewy well.