Friday, May 15, 2009

Things Learned from the 1st Grade Operas

There are four classes in our school's First Grade and each one got to put on a 10-15 minute Opera. They wrote the words themselves. And the plots. It was very creative. And informative. Here are some things we learned:
  • Animals help plants survive the winter by moving the heavy snow off.
  • When bunnies and cheetah girls eat too many carrots, they get tummy aches.
  • Drinking Sprite will fix a tummy ache. ("Sprite has saved the day!") (Sing it!)
  • Butterflies just want everyone to get along.
  • If praying mantises steal the butterflies' eggs, the bees will threaten to sting them unless they return the eggs.
  • Butterflies, caterpillars, and aliens like to vacation in Hawaii.
  • Caterpillars can fly to Hawaii. With butterflies and aliens.
  • If, while you are vacationing in Hawaii, a tree is struck by lightning and falls and breaks your pool, dogs and horses can help you fix it.

Also, some bees (named Anderson) like to keep their hands in their pockets the whole time. While rolling their ankles in and out.


Katie B. said...

Wow. I am full of wisdom. Way to let the kids be creative, though. All I had in Elementary School was a 3rd and 1st grade production of The Lion King totally scripted and cast by the parents. I wanted to be Timon so much, and I ended up as a zebra. Like Anderson, though, I was the cutest, because my Mom made my costume. Am I right?

kate said...

hee hee! how fun. anderson looks like two halves of a whole bee. and he has grown up alot! and his costume is the best. wish i could have seen it! glad you passed on the morals so i could learn from them!

Sarah C. said...

Way to go teachers! I bet that was so much more fun to watch than an adult-created production. Now you know what they know!

edith said...

I didn't make the costume--borrowed it from Wendy. I was actually most impressed by the bee on the opposite end. His costume is a yellow T-shirt with black tape--and it looks so good! I love easy, cheap things that look great.

Anonymous said...

Once again, I chuckled my way through all your recent posts - you are so good at relating events in an understated, totally funny way! I love it. Steve had to come over and see what was so darn funny that I couldn't stop cracking up. What an awesome project for the kids, I wish they'd do kid-scripted plays around here! It would be ever so much more entertaining.