Monday, May 18, 2009

Organized Sports

Clarissa and her cousin Megan were recruited to be in a softball league for the next month or so. The coach's daughter was the only one in our area who signed up, so coach Dove called girls in her daughter's grade until she got enough together for a team. By this you may gather that there wasn't a whole lot of experience amongst the members of "The Valley Girls." We parents felt a little inexperienced ourselves:

--"Wasn't the game supposed to start at 6:30? What are they waiting for? An Umpire? Do they have to have one? I thought this was just for fun."

--"Look, they're hitting the ball! How did they learn to do that? They've only had three practices."

--"Hey! Lissa's pitching! Did you know she could pitch?" "No, I didn't know she could pitch. I've never seen her pitch before. "

--"Megan got someone out! Look at that! Wow!"

This is the first time we've had a child involved in an actual team sport. Jenny and Rex are first-timers, too. We are the farthest thing away from the parents you hear about who get rabid about their kid's sports. We just like the fact that our kids are outside, but that the season is short.
The Valley Girls lost their first game tonight, something to 3. (We only keep track of our own team's runs.) Lissa and Megan each got a run and we are so proud. And Lissa struck out two batters! (She may have walked more than that, but we don't keep track of the other teams runs.) And she tagged someone out.
It made for a great family night. Rex and Jenny brought pizza so that my kids could have second dinner. There was lots of shady grass for the other kids to wrestle on. We only lost track of our one-year-old two or three times. And afterwards, we ate ice cream at a park.

I think we could actually do this.


kate said...

oh it sounds lovely! good for lissa! she's totally an athlete in the making, watch out!

kate said...

oh, the pictures. i warmed up malan's skin tone (and took a whisp of hair out of her face.) the others are straight out of the camera as far as color (i darkened the borders to make them pop a bit.) they are a little over exposed so they're a bit bright. and it was the right time of day, so the colors were nice. when i come home we can play on photoshop!

Jenny said...

Yeah, we had to sign a form saying that we parents would have good sportsmanship. Is it bad sportsmanship to not even know what's happening?

Katie said...

that is cool. sounds like you are learning the ropes of being a sport mom. lissa will be winning the games single handedly soon. I know she hates to lose.