Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mystery Couch

Last week Casey and I went out on a date. We had dinner (with a coupon) and then we went to the D. I. to shop for cheap stuff that other people did not want anymore. I get a thrill when I find perfectly good stuff for very little money. I get the opposite of a thrill when I pay retail for anything.
And that is where I found the couch.
I was drawn to it instantly. It's whimsical stripes. It's petite size. I hoped it would replace the tortuous love seat in Casey's office. And even if it didn't, I wanted it. It was $30! And it looked like it had never been used.
Getting it home involved swearing that I would be back for it at opening time the next day, with a bigger car. I borrowed my Father-in-law's shell covered truck, assuming that the couch would stick out the back and need to be tarped to protect it from the three-week rainstorm we'd been having. To my satisfaction, it fit all the way in. I knew I loved this couch.

And here it is, in our living room. I told my kids to act natural for some candids. So they did.

I love this couch. It is so comfy. And fun! So, wherein lies the mystery?

1.--When I showed this couch to my Songer family, they thought it was great. Sis-in-law Emily openly coveted it. (She is furnishing her first house.) When I showed it to my Hale family, they basically said, "Meh." So, mystery no. 1 is--How could anyone not like this couch?

2.--Where did it come from? It seriously looks as if it has never been used. That is not the case with any thrift store furniture I have ever seen before. And it seems to be good quality; the stripes match up across all the cushions from top to bottom. And the feet are set back under the skirt so you can't stub your toes. I know the provenance of every other sofa/love seat we've ever owned so this makes the first time we've entered the world of "Who sat here before me?"

3.--Where will I put it? It doesn't fit in Casey's office. It is not on speaking terms with the other couch in the living room. I hate to relegate it to the basement because I will never see it. Sigh. Once again I am confronted with my non-flair for decorating. But at least I have a soft place to sit while I contemplate my options.


Jennifer said...

You are so cute Edith! You crack me up. I'm so like you in this... It's nice to know I'm not the only one that gets the thrill when I find a bargain and the opposite when I pay retail! Great couch, I'm sure you'll find a great place to put it and I love your description that it's not on speaking terms with the other couch. BTW tell Anika that Aubrey thinks one of the girls in the Little Women movie looks like her.

kate said...

i like the curvy arms! i would put your other couch in the basement. caleb thinks you should put it in the kitchen.

victoria said...

Meh! Just kidding. It's a great couch! And the price is great, too. It will bring you a place to sit wherever you put it.

Sarah C. said...

I really like it. Doesn't it make you want to paint a ball birds-egg blue? If you put it in your basement it might make you want to go there more.

Katie said...

I would like to chime in with other songers in the reaction of openly coveting it. It's so original and retro. I think you should design your whole house around that couch.

Star said...

Great couch! I love DI couches, especially that one!

Jenny said...

You should put your couches in time out until they can learn to get along with each other.
I'm so happy you only paid $30!! I think you should sit on that couch, wherever it is, and just delight in dreaming up ways to spend the money you saved.

P.S. I found a record of Meri and Andrew's conversation the other day and posted it in the Dok Dok comments. (And in the dok dok post, there was a dok dok comment.)