Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ahh! Fiders!!






Mo', mommy! Mo' 'cary fiders!!

Disclaimer: She asked to see scary spiders. She begged to see them.

A few days later she was talking as she ate breakfast.

She: " 'Cary gogs!"
Me: "Scary dogs?"
She: " "Cary cats!"
Me: "Yeah, scary cats."

The drama was building.

She: " 'Cary mions!"
Me: "Scary lions!"

I was feeling it. Then.....

She: " 'Cary wadybugs!"


Jenny said...

This is the post I've been waiting for. Rosalie's reactions are priceless.

Katie said...

so she is loving the scariness? what a funny kid.

kate said...

hahahaha! i LOVE it!!! i can't wait to meet rosalie again, i just love her. and what a terrible mother you are for scaring your child like that. shame!

olderockhouse said...

Why in the world are you showing her Fiders!!! I hates Fiders...but wuv wosalie~

victoria said...

Hilarious faces. And yuck! Those were real, big, scary spiders. Glad she's kind of smiling when she's screaming.