Sunday, July 12, 2009


My college roommate (bff) Shelley Detton came to visit with her husband and kids the day after the 4th of July. Since they'd already seen the best Southern Utah had to offer in tractor parades and demolition derbies, we offered some different small western town activities--horse back riding (on borrowed horses) and inviting yourself over to your neighbor's pool.

Thanks to our cousins the Mckays, we can always offer a good time to our guests when they come.

At our own house we offered them activities such as pushing through a hundred yards of 4 ft. tall alfalfa to the trampoline, hiking through the back 40 to the riverbed to look for wildlife (mostly slimy water-life), and being checked for ticks on coming back home. Just kidding, we forgot to check for ticks. Shelley, if any of you start to feel feverish. . .
It was fun for my kids to get to know Shelley and Steve's kids. Their oldest, who is 7, is nearly as tall as our 10-year-old. And their 4-year-old is as tall as our 7-year-old. I'm not sure how much taller their 1-year-old is than our 2-year-old; she never held still long enough to compare them. All the kids played hard and slept little for two and a half days. It's somewhat difficult to fall or stay asleep when five kids try to share the space under the stairs.

Shelley is so talented. Not only did she bring me a present, (the blue and red bag) she also speaks couch! She walked into my living room, took one look at my two sulking sofas, plopped down one of her handmade decorator fabric bags and said, "This fabric goes with both sofas."
And lo and behold, it did. Just like that she bridged the thirty year generation gap between our old new couch and our new old couch (which we found out, from an upholstery tag inside it, was made in 1976.)

Take a look at the photo essay she did on her visit here. She makes everything look good. I wish she could stick around and be my personal decorator.


Sarah C. said...

Could you post pictures of the negotiating fabric?

Anonymous said...

Oh, can I tell you how much I love you for not posting the pictures you have of me in a swimsuit? Bless you forever and ever. When I saw you had posted a picture of me my heart dropped to my feet, dreading what the next shot could be. I was seriously afraid to scroll down. :-)
I loved your funny synopsis of our wonderful visit - we had such a great time!
Sarah, you can see the negotiating fabric (great term!) as soon as I send it to Edith! I got home yesterday, I'll have that in the mail tomorrow. In fact, I'd better go get that fabric packed up right now. Thanks again, Edith, for the wonderful time!