Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Goblinitis and other symptoms of Halloween

We have a goblin infestation.

They're everywhere.

Watching us. Lurking. Leering.

Smirking. Sneering.

Or being endearing. (This one looks like Gonzo.)That's what my kids did after school today.

And my own crafty self did these little shirts for the little girls a few days ago. Orange dye covers the brown stains that we always (always) get on our white shirts. I didn't invent this craft, or the goblins either. I got the ideas from One Pretty Thing.

Meredith painted the face at the bottom all by herself.


kate said...

ooh, those goblins are so creepy! wonderful! love your cute pumpkin shirt projects too.

Jenny said...

Your kids are lucky to have a fun mom. You have to give yourself kudos for letting them goblinize and googleyize. Can I loan my kids to you for a while so they can get a craftiness fix?

edith said...

Only if you take mine for a learn to clean the house fix.

Katie said...

good on yer own crafty self and yer own crafty kids. neat goblins. neat shirts.

Sarah C. said...

Adorable! I'm so not into the holiday crafty spirit. Please rub off on me!

victoria said...

Those goblins came from "One Pretty Thing?" Like how they turned out! Cool shirts, too. Good job, Meredith!

Katie said...

OH, ps - we talked about you tonight at the cresaps. that's right. we all looked at this blog together and talked about you to our hearts content. so, what are you going to do about it?
ps - we think you are really funny.