Friday, October 24, 2008

Not my costume this year

So a few years back there was that big thing with the Lord of the Rings movies. Remember? And I never would have done this under my own motivation, but my friend Star got a bunch of us excited to go to the premier of the final installment in costume. I worked hard to come up with costumes for myself and my husband. Star came up with costumes for her entire extended family, as you will see if you follow her link.
And Halloween has reminded me, once again, that I have never worn my costume again, not even for Halloween. Why? Why, when I put so much effort, time, sweat, and money into it have I never worn it again? Here is the reason--babies.
Babies don't care if you are wearing silk and other materials that are not even hand-washable. They don't get it if you ask them to please not hug you or wipe their spaghetti smeared faces on you. In fact, they think that is what you are for. Or at least, that is what I am for to my babies.
So here are pictures of my "not for Halloween yet" costume. In a few years maybe it will get out of the closet more than virtually.


Katie said...

Wow! Super cool. How old are kids when they stop using you as a kleenex again? cause you definitely need to get some more wear out of that. it's so amazing. and you look great in it.

victoria said...

I remember buying the material for a white Eowyn dress. I think that material is still in a box somewhere. I ended up being pretty relieved not to go to that midnight showing. It was right after one of Mike's finals, and in the middle of the week - yeah, I'm a party pooper. But you guys look great!

kate said...

those are so beautiful. maybe you should get someone to host an adults only halloween party so you can wear it again. i would throw one just for you if i were there. :) you are so talented, and someday you will have time to sew and create again. right now your time is definitely in the right place: with your spaghetti faced kids.

Charity said...

Amazing! And your hair is perfect for the costume as well. See, sometimes it pays to have naturally curly hair. One of these days I'll get around to making a real costume as well. Till then I'll keep wearing that one that I made out of a curtain from D.I. I think you helped me make that one...$5 is fine for spaghetti smeared faces :) (btw, that's why I had to die it red!)

Mom & Dad said...

What a great-looking couple. And I want that new family picture on the piano.