Thursday, February 7, 2008


So, Charity tagged me and I'm finally getting around to listing 6 things about myself:

1. Like Charity, I love to read and would also love to write a book. Unlike Charity, I've never gotten as far as 120 pages. But I have written a children's book. I am trying to get Casey's Dad to illustrate it. He's trying to get me to make thumbnails for it. I'm not even artistic enough to do that, therefore, we are at an impasse. He's a great illustrator, see The Santa Claus Book, but he's also a great artist and therefore very busy getting works ready for shows and galleries. Here's a link to his page

2. I love to sew. Unfortunately, my sewing machine tanked. To motivate myself to lose those last ten baby pounds, I'm going to buy myself a new sewing machine as soon as I do. More unfortunately, I also love to eat sweet foods--cake, cookies, etc. These do not help in the weight loss arena. But aren't kids entitled to home baked goodies in their childhood? Don't I have an obligation to help them have a happy home life? Isn't this the only way I can cook something that ALL my children like to eat? Yes, it is.

3. I miss my wildly naturally curly hair. It was a mess, it was huge, it was me. Now that I have kind of tame hair, I still don't know what to do with it, but it's also totally blah. Wah.

4. I'm a technidiot. My sister set up this blog for me. I just learned how to get pictures off my camera since starting the blog. I like to blame my lameness on the fact that my software engineer husband can do it all so much faster, but really, I'm just lazy. Or old. Or fuddy.

5. I'm not a very social person. Maybe I'm shy, maybe I'm just very private. So why am I sharing this information? Because the people who read this are my only friends. I have to hold on to my old friends because it's hard for me to make new ones. Why do you all have to live so far away?

6. I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You all know this already, but it is one of the things that most defines who I am, so I list it. On the same topic, I meant to write about the passing of our prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley. He was such a great man. I will so miss his sense of humor. But he wanted to be with his wife again, and how can you grudge him that.


Pioneeress said...

Edith, I loved your list. I love having you as my sister! It seems like we're so different and yet most of the time you seem like the person who would get my drift better than anyone else. I tire of making new friends as we move from place to place and my friends move away and away. That's when I wish I could just move to Huntsville and hang out with you!

Katie said...

I enjoyed reading this a lot. I loved your wildly curly hair too! But I love your hair now - you are a timeless beauty. It was cool to learn that you wrote a children's book! You've got to make my dad do it! He really didn't want to our wedding announcement either but I just begged and finally got him to. Great list. Thanks for doing it. :-)

Jennifer said...

Great list! I just learned to sew! My friend helped me sew curtains for my family room! I would love to get a sewing machine and learn more. I know what you mean about making friends. Sometimes I miss all my old friends because it's just easy to be myself around them. I didn't know your hair wasn't as curly now! I always loved your hair. I bet it's still gorgeous. I remember being so happy that you were in my wedding line because you were so pretty. (I know, pretty shallow, but hey I was only 21)

Charity said...

:) Ah, I miss you Edith! When not if, but when you get that children's book published let me know so I can go buy it. I don't sew as much now that I don't have you as a reference to interpret the patterns. Maybe I'll have to give it another try.

Kyle said...

Hey, this is cool! Jennifer keeps telling me that I need to look at the blogs of friends and family around the world. I unfortunately, am like you with regards to #5. Being a social buttefly is not my natural state. Even so, it is amazing how the internet can keep us connected--even though we all live so far away (which leads to #6). Anyway, I hope that all is going well for you and Casey!

edith said...

I really like you guys.

kate said...

you are cool, and i will be first to buy your book when you get er done. i think it's such a cute idea!