Friday, February 1, 2008

So much to blog, so little time

So much has happened lately, I haven't had time to post. So here's a bunch of unrelated stuff that has happened.

Here's a picture of Anika. She went ice skating on Tuesday and got a bad sprain, we thought. She still couldn't put any weight on it by Thursday, so we took her in to the instacare at the clinic. The doctor showed us the X-rays one by one and the first four showed nothing, which probably explains why he sounded surprised when we got to the last one. "Oh, that is fractured." It wasn't in her ankle, it was on her shin bone. The swelling in the ankle was from twisting it and landing on it. The fracture was from whacking it hard on the way down. She doesn't complain much except when Meredith or Anderson jumps onto the couch, which has been forbidden to them, and bumps her leg.

Here's a picture of the snowload on our house. And Lissa on the way to school as Casey is shoveling.

I have gotten my cars stuck in the snow more times in the last month than in the last five years. It makes for a really stressfull day when I have to call the flute teacher or piano teacher (again) to tell them we are stuck in our driveway and can't come. Even more stressful when the van battery is dead, Casey is in Salt Lake, it's parent teacher conference and I'm not sure if I'll make it there. I had to leave some of the kids home because I can't fit them all in the car and Anika had to be in charge from her bed on the couch.

Okay, so it took me three hours just to write this much. I get interrupted a lot. So I'll write more later.


Jennifer said...

Hey Edith! I found your blog! Hope you don't mind if I snoop :) I love blogging, I get to keep in touch so much better with everyone. Sorry to read about your snow troubles. Just remember us in the the heat of the summer when we can't go outside or we'll literally roast. Poor Anika! I hope she recovers soon. That is something we have yet to experience-- a child with a broken bone. I broke my arm at age 8 (cartwheeling) and my foot at age 12 (jump-roping). I must have been a total clutz as a kid.

Charity said...

:) So much snow! Ok, my sister in law started this, so forgive me, but "tag". Just look at my last post on my blog for details.

kate said...

i didn't know ani was broken! poor ani! please call me if you ever need a car, i have one now! ha ha! and i used yours so much till now i owe ya.

jonathan hale said...

That's more snow than you can shake a stick at. And what a nice display case you have for that raccoon. So, Annika broke her tibia? Ouch. Too bad she doesn't like to read; this could have been a nice opportunity for her.