Sunday, February 3, 2008

Oh please, let it stop

So, I have this glass brick in my window with a ribbon tied around it. It looks like a block of ice and I was going to get vinyl stickers to put on it that read "Let it Snow!" I never have gotten around to it, what with canceling most of my trips anywhere lately. Now I think I will take it outside and drop it, hard, on the cement. If I could only find the cement. Just the thought of more snow feels like bad luck.
When we woke up this morning it had snowed another 18 inches in the night. And it snowed all day long. We have over two feet of fresh snow on top of all the other snow. They canceled church and had everyone calling everyone else to see who needed help shoveling out or clearing roofs. We also just learned that school is canceled tomorrow.
Here are some pictures, for those of my friends and family who live in the desert, the South, a tropical island, or California. For reference, Anderson is four feet tall with his boots on.I think the wild animals saw it coming. There were about forty wild turkeys sheltering in the park a month back. They usually stay up in the hills. And a raccoon came into our garage after the cat food one day last week. When we finally chased it out, it ran around the house close in where the snow is lowest and then fell? jumped? into our window well. I didn't know this until the next day, when I happened to go down to the basement to look through the storage for something. It looked pretty sad by then. I put a board down for it to climb out on, threw it some cat food, which insult caused it to look much sadder, and then left it alone. I didn't want to encourage it by giving it handouts, but I also didn't want a dead raccoon in our window well. I hoped the food would revive it enough that it could leave. Once it realized the cat food was edible, it got moving enough to sniff more of it out of the snow. I didn't see when it left, I'm just glad it did. The kids, (and friend Katie) on the other hand, thought it was the coolest thing ever.


kate said...

cute little fella. glad he's gone though.

Jennifer said...

That is some crazy snow!!! I'm glad for your pictures because I wouldn't have understood what Kyle's parents were talking about when they told us they had tons of snow. Your house looks cool with all that snow on it. I guess you're getting to see what it would be like to home school?

Jennifer said...

You can post replies on my blog or yours, I'm not sure the best way for that. Anyway, we're tight with all the Songer kids didn't you know? Just teasing. I suppose it was a bit presumptuous to add them to my blog links, but I was just so excited to see their blog and to see their cute baby. I had been wondering how things were going for them. I love reconnecting with people through blogs and getting to know people better too. Anyway...I can't take credit for having a cute blog, I just copy and paste from these websites. (it's free, you just have to scroll down to find the one you want) or
P.S. I don't know what 'webkinz' is :)