Thursday, June 24, 2010

You can get there from here

On our way to Utah's amusement park--Lagoon--on Monday, Casey did a search on his phone for the nearest Little Caesar's Pizza. Here's what the search told him:

Little Caesar's Pizzaria
Mundaring, WA

Distance: 14,229 miles
Time: 55 days 0 hours
Traffic delay: 22 minutes

(Dad, are you sure you didn't search for the farthest Little Caesar's?)

The driving directions began simply--from Farmington, Utah drive northwest to Washington, etc., etc.
Then there was step 35: "kayak across the Pacific Ocean--3,879 miles."

With a left turn at Hawaii (nice of them to plan for pit stops, doncha think?) you again "kayak across the Pacific Ocean" to Taiwan. Then after winding your way through most of Indonesia, "kayak across the Pacific Ocean"--to Australia. After that you're almost there!

All I can say is good thing it's so easy to get a second opinion from the internet. We found a much more efficient route that cut a good 12 days off the total travel time.


Katie said...

haaaa. nice good morning chuckle over here. that's really funny. it's always nice when you can cut 12 days of travel time off any trip to Little Caesars. interesting that they choose your mode of transportation over the pacific a kayak! oh man, those folk down to the internet are quite the pranksters.

kate said...

what!? no way...

p.s. i am jealous you went to lagoon.

Sue Barreau said...

Ha..Ha..that is sooo funny. I am sitting reading your blog in sunny South Australia - we are to the east of Western Australia. WA is a zillion miles away from us too! Australia is a BIG continent. Just sooo funny - your blog made me smile! Greetings from SA! Sue from

Eric Sokolowsky said...

Only 55 days to Kayak across the Pacific Ocean? I'm impressed.