Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Good Day

On Monday we took our kids to Lagoon for 11 hours. Here are some of the things they said during our stay:

"That was the ride of my life!"--Rosalie, age 3

"Curse you, Gravity!"--Anderson, age 8

"I want to go home!"--Meredith, age 5

"This is the perfect day!"--Lissa, age 11

"I want to go home!" --Anderson

"Why can't we go on another ride?" --Meredith

"Can we do three more rides before we have to leave?" --Anderson

And during the car ride home:

"That was too much fun. Maybe next time we could go halfway through some lines, and then pretend they're closed. And we'd be really disappointed."--Anderson
(Some of us prefer our roller coasters to be emotional.)


Katie said...

hahahahaa. what is anderson? what a funny kid. that sounds like a not-so-fun game but at least it's original. lagoon is magical. the crusty gum stuck to the haunted ride, the sweaty, lipsticky singer/dancers, the flirty teenagers and the crispy cinnamon churros. it's a complete package. so glad they all had fun. at least some of them. mostly.

victoria said...

Love the dino-drop! Good for you for enduring Lagoon with 5 kids, twice in a month. Actually, Mike keeps pleading with me to get season passports. Maybe when the kids are older ... and can whine in more coherent sentences.

kate said...

hee heeeee!! is the dino drop like "the rocket" for kids?

Star said...

You gotta love Lagoon, whiny kids and all!