Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In which I drop names like something my toddler handed me when I wasn't paying attention

Last night some of my family and I got to go see Will Swenson and Audra McDonald star in the Orem Hale Center Theater's production of "110 in the shade."

It was amazing.

One of my sisters overheard a man say he had flown out from New York to see this because in New York you'd pay a couple of thousand to see Audra McDonald through binoculars. Here, no one was farther than 7 rows away.

And that woman can ACT. And SING. WOW.

And then there's my cousin Will. Yes, my cousin. Will. All the Hale cousins used to play together at the Ranch every summer. And even then I knew Will was going to make it big in Show Business. He was unstoppable.

The whole cast was excellent. So, if you are in the neighborhood and you have a chance, I can recommend this one.


kate said...

how awesome! wish i coulda been there.

Katie B. said...

Ugh! I'm so ridiculously jealous it's not even funny! I wish, I wish, I wish I could go! We'll even be in Utah this next week for a friend's wedding, but won't have time to bop down to Orem. Grrr.... I think you saw one of my BYU acting friends, Kevin Goertzen, in that show too. Pretty sure he was the other male lead.

victoria said...

It was so great! I saw a few tears drop from Audra's eyes right after she finished singing "Simple Little Things." She was so hilarious, and so sweet and so real. Now I've seen a real actress. And Will was really great, too. He was really funny. And Jimmy was good, too! And File was good - and Snookums or whatever her name was good . . .