Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Christmas Season!

(With our teeny-tiny amount of snow, Lissa made a teeny-tiny snowman.) (He looks quite festive, don't you think?)


kate said...

he looks like the ghost of christmas present! very nice lissa!

Mom & Dad said...

On this they opened the resorts?

Way to go, Lissa!

Jenny said...


kate said...

such a pretty snowman picture, too!

my coat is from macy's winter clearance last year. but similar ones are out there every year. i know you've been on a quest for a good coat for a while...any luck? old navy has some neat ones this year with belts or faux belts and high collars that i would buy if i didn't already have two coats. :)


victoria said...

Hee, hee! He's (or she's) very adorable. I'd hug him (or her) except I'd get cold. Nice wintery spirit, Lissa! Now all I need is a good cup of nogna. (word verification.)