Friday, December 4, 2009

At Peace

I have finally ended my search for the perfect Christmas stockings!

(For those of you who live back east, these come from the Christmas Tree Shops and they are cheap. (Though they seem well made.) For those of us who live in the West, the only way I know how to get them is ebay. For more than cheap. But still way less than most wool knit stockings. )
Casey doesn't believe this will end my obsession. He thinks this is simply a yearly itch I get that will never go away, like my quest for the perfect swimsuit.

But look at these--they fit all my criteria: same size and shape, same color scheme, seven different patterns for ease of identification, and a nice chunky hand knit (or looks it) in wool! They do have floating strings inside, but like my mom's handmade stockings, they don't seem to get in the way. I plan to line them anyway to be sure they don't snag.

You'll have to admit they are a vast improvement from my former lineup.

Plus this year I attached all the stocking hangers to a board to make them more stable and keep them spaced. I may anchor it to the wall. You can see how the green present is dented on one side from being pulled down by some child who thought she/he could swing on the stocking. Luckily no one was concussed.

Having children with opinions means that I don't get to hang them in the order I would prefer--red cuff, green cuff, red cuff, green cuff, etc. But that's just my OCD kicking in and, luckily, I'm easily distracted. Maybe that's why it took so long for me to find the perfect collection.


Jenny said...

I hope Casey's wrong about your search not being over. These are great.

kate said...

yay! i love them! they look just wonderful! now it's time for me to continue MY search. . .i'll check out your link.

olderockhouse said...

These are great. I love my wool ones and you do have a pattern miss OCD...2-3-2...Perfect!

Sarah C. said...

I would never have guessed you are so anal about decorating! I love the stockings Wendy hooked us up with. We have a complete set and it's cost us a bit over the years. Too bad we didn't know about these bargain beauties!

victoria said...

Very cheery! And they are nicely balanced. Plus, things shouldn't be TOO perfect - remember the intentional error in Navajo rugs that lets out the evil spirits. They look great!

Star said...

Those are the perfect stockings!
I've been on the search for years,
and just decided a few weeks ago to break down and make some. Now when they turn out to be hideous, I will know where to find some to replace them! Thanks for sharing!!