Thursday, October 1, 2009

Standing for Something

This summer Casey's sister Sarah got married.
The ceremony and reception were held in a beautiful park. There were flowers everywhere. The tables were decorated in red and gold and lavender. My family was dressed in the same. We all looked great.
There was a DJ who played pop songs and acted as the Master of Ceremonies. There was also an open bar. My younger children were fascinated by the tall plastic flutes being handed out filled with pale yellow bubbly. I made sure they got only the non-alcoholic version, which I also got for myself.
At one point the DJ called for the friends and family of Sarah and Sean to give toasts. We all raised our glasses after each person expressed their best wishes.
When the toasts were over I noticed my oldest daughter, Anika, looking a little down. I offered her a drink from my cup, noticing she didn't have one. She said no with a slow shake of her head and a look of such sadness--and I suddenly saw what she was thinking.
"Anika, this is non-alcoholic!"
"Really?! Oh!"

In the face of what she saw as her parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and even grandparents abandoning their cherished beliefs, Anika refused to partake. She stood for what she knew was right.

And there is no way that I can say all I feel about this, and about her. (I've embarrassed her enough as it is.) But as her mom, and as an admirer here's how I sum it up: This girl will do just fine.


Burwell's Bits said...

What a great girl. You are right, she will do just fine. She is so grown up and turning into a beautiful young lady.

JennyHP said...

Good for you, Anika. That must have been a very stressful few minutes. You did well.

Aunt Jenny

kate said...

we all know she's a lot better than us. that made me teary. i remember one time when i was 12 or so i saw a crumpled beer can in the back seat of dad's car and i got really scared. when i got the courage to ask mom about it she said "oh yeah, i picked that up off the ground and have been meaning to throw it away."

love her dress, love her.

Sarah C. said...

Edith I think it's wonderful that you valued that moment so much. Sometimes I don't appreciate enough when my kids are good.

Jennifer said...

Love it. Good for her!

Star said...

I couldn't help but tear up. That is so sweet, you're right, she will do just fine... darling girl.

Katie said...

me too (the emotional thing) - she is amazing. i can't imagine how disappointed she must have been in all of us. but yeah, she's got the casey/edith straight arrow gene for sure. what a sweetie.

Jenny said...

I noticed her looking a bit down. There's lots of video footage of a very sad Anika. I'm glad it was for a very good reason. She's a keeper.

P.S. What a darling little boy in the background of that picture!

Jennifer said...

Edith! I got the skirt and I LOVE it!!!! You are the best! Linda was here when it came and we were both just dying over it. You are awesome. Thank you thank you!!! Pictures to come soon :)

Mom & Dad said...

Dearest Ani, We're so glad you are our granddaughter, but then, we always have been. Thanks for sharing, Dearest Edie.