Friday, November 21, 2008

winters in my childhood

We played in the snow as the winter twilight darkened from palest to deepest blue.
It felt as if the sky gathered down around the glow of our house lights, drawing us in toward warmth, noise, family.
But we stayed in the snow and the silence
just holding the moment
before going home.


Sarah C. said...

Wow. Thanks for taking me back. Is that a new composition? where did you get that image of the home?

Jenny said...

Beautiful picture. Your poem brings back memories from when I actually went outside.

Katie said...

joey here, love it. That's got me missing home somethin' fierce. I asked my office manager today if they ever have snow for Christmas here in Memphis. She said never.

victoria said...

Very nice poem. Very homey. My toe was purple once when I finally went in and took off my boots. I love Huntsville. Is this picture a new version you made? 'Cause it looks really good!

edith said...

This is the photoshopped version I showed you earlier, Vic. I found it on Casey's computer.
Sarah, I wrote the poem last year. Then I tweaked it a little so I can send it to Mom and Dad for their wall in sunny Villahermosa.

JennyHP said...

Love the picture. But where's the poem? Did you remove it?


JennyHP said...

Thanks for putting it back up. Lovely.