Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Favorite Age

So I really think that the most adorable age for kids starts right around a year and a half. For my kids, that's when their personalities really start to show. It's also when they finally move past the single words at random stage to the actual communication stage. This is the first time that I've actually felt a little sad at the speed with which my baby is reaching each new stage.
Just a few days ago Rosalie said her first sentence. It was "I want my binkie." It was slurred and sounded almost accidental, but she was reaching for her binkie at the time, so it was for real.

And today she came to find me just to tell me "Ginkie!" Which meant she was stinky. That's a good thing to know.

Have you ever had a one-year-old put their little moist hands on either side of your face and pat you repeatedly? Or be so glad to see you they plastered themselves to your front while repeating your name over and over? (Yes, "Mommy" is my name.) And then my cheeks are sticky and my front has more than baby plastered on it, but it's still my favorite age.


kate said...

ohhh. meredith the sequel is so cute. lovely post. :)

victoria said...

So cute. I love seeing Rosalie grow up. She's a very sweet kid.

Katie said...

thanks for that post edith. i really liked it. it even made me a little teary. i'm sure it's hard to watch your last one grow so fast (especially through your favorite stage). it will be fun to see her in a few months. this is the age where everyone else really gets to know your kids too. :-) It's also cool to get a sneak preview of our next step.