Sunday, September 7, 2008

For Nie Nie

The last few days I have been learning all about Christian and Stephanie Nielson and the horrific plane crash that left both of them badly burned and their pilot friend dead. I actually learned about them a day or two before my sister clued me in to the connection: My cousin Darin is married to Peter Nielson, Christian's brother. Their kids make me think of my own--brunette and redhead oldest girls, mid-brown and blond kids following. Cute, slobbery, mess-making urchins full of creativity and love.
It's been a wake up call to me to read through some of her old blogs on She's one of those people who seem to have an infectious joy in living. She reminds me how good I have it, how grateful I should be. And especially how I should be enjoying my life right now. You never know how things will change.

So, like so many others, I am posting some links on my page for anyone who would like to know more or do more for the Nielson family. Click here for the story:

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Katie said...

edith - their kids reminded me of yours too. i too have been thinking about them a LOT. i've been addicted to reading through the last few years of her blog. but it's starting to wear me out because even though every entry is full of vitality and life - i know at this moment she is not. it's heartbreaking. but you are right - she is such a great example and reminds everyone to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. sarah c. and i were talking about it today and feel like she is in the public eye for a reason. she really has made such a difference in so many lives.