Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fearsome Flowers

In years to come this will be known as Anderson's Monster Flower Period. To distinguish from his Alien Monster Period and his just Monster Period.

This is his first one: Spiny Thistle Shooter Flower. Next is the flower with "tentacles. Tentacles of Goo. Tentacles of Black Goo with rainbow stem. It is Evil. And also Goodness and Beautiful."

This one he drew in church. It is just a flower with leaf things. And another flower. With Snappers.

This one is Poison Spray Flower. And that is a fly, about to die. And finally, because Anderson is a perfectionist, a redrawing of Spiny Thistle Shooter Flower.
He assures me that he will be making a book of these and will be working on them for a month.


Katie said...

Those are amazing. How lucky that you get to decorate your house & blog with such funky cool art.

Sarah C. said...

These are fantastic! How lucky for him he got the Steve gene!! And how fun for you to watch! He really needs to spend some quality time with his boy cousins. They miss him.

Mom & Dad said...

We, who greatly enjoyed Anderson's seed phase, are very pleased to see his flower phase. Can fruit be far behind?

kate said...

how wonderful! i love them, can i please reserve a signed edition of the spiny thistle shooter flower?

Star said...

What a "budding" artist, tee hee! I really love them all, they remind me of when my brother went through a warrior bird phase. How is it that they can so easily turn the beautiful into the brutal.

Anonymous said...

Edith! I haven't forgotten about you. My deepest apologies. We were out of town and were stuck in Houston due to Ike. If you're still interested, of course you won, in the magnet board, please donate to NieNie and send me the receipt. e-mail me all the colors you're interested in doing. Maybe a design or description of what you'd like at
Thank you for loving NieNie