Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kids in a Box

What could be more fun than playing in a big box? I don't know. Please tell me. Because it took about 45 seconds before three of my four kids in this box were crying. I had the baby in there as the others were climbing in and she started crying to get out. She must have known where this was headed.

Lissa is pretending that she wasn't crying. Did you ever see such a strained "cheese?" Hmm, strained cheese in a box--sounds like the kind of cottage industry we would produce.


Jennifer said...

That's hilarious!

Here's the link to the chili recipe, my friend just posted it for you.

Star said...

I love the drama photos, I need to remember to capture more of those, we sure have enough of them. Somehow in my frustration I never remember my camera. That's an awesome box! What came in that very large box?

victoria said...

Strained cheese in a box! Love it. Hee, hee!

kate said...

that's some box. like soooome pig. only a box.