Sunday, August 24, 2008

Anika's Birthday

On August 23rd Anika turned eleven years old! Wow, that decade just blew by.
We decided to go to a book signing for her birthday since Rapunzel's Revenge, illustrated by our very own cousin Nate Hale (and written by Shannon and Dean Hale) was being featured at the Salt Lake Library. The authors did a little reader's theater scene from the book. Here is Shannon Hale sporting braids knitted by Nate Hale's talented wife Mindy.

And here is Anika getting our newly purchased copy of Rapunzel's Revenge signed by Nate.
If you have any boys in your family that you want to encourage to read, buy this book!

We also helped my sister Victoria clean house for my brother Jon's family to return to from Australia, went to a pastry shop, watched WALL-E, and had pizza for lunch and dinner. It was a very full day, so we saved the cake and ice cream for today.

When I downloaded these pictures I realized that some little fingers must have smeared the camera lens some time ago. Nice soft focus, eh?

Happy Birthday, Anika!

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kate said...

that looks so fun! happy birthday ani, you are wonderful!