Saturday, August 8, 2015

Family Road Trip--Day 18

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Miles Traveled: 289 miles (4119 total)
States Visited: Iowa, South Dakota
Cost of Gas: $2.59 (Shelby, IA)
Breakfast: Waffles and eggs by Juli at Juli's house (Yum!)
Lunch: Science Center Food Court in Des Moines
Dinner: Dairy Queen in Shelby, IA
Sites: Des Moines Science Center
Lodging: Comfort Suites in Sioux Falls, SD

We got up early to take our van to a repair place. Juli drove to show us the way and take us home again. Her regular Firestone mechanic was out with poison ivy, so we went across town to another branch and left it there. They called us a couple of hours later to say they thought it was one of two things--the first they could fix in a few hours, and it would be a few hundred. The second would take days and cost thousands. So we said to go ahead with the first one.

Meanwhile, Juli took us, in two car loads, to the Science Museum. It was lots of fun for the kids, and we adults were fairly entertained, too. Juli got a headache, but luckily I had my stash of ibuprofen handy. We ate lunch in the cafe there, and saw an I-max movie about Lemurs.

Then Juli shuttled us back to her house. They were finished with our van--the repair didn't fix the whole problem but they thought we might make it back home. So we decided to go for it. 
Thanks for letting us stay with you in your cute little house, Juli!

P.S. Look at this cute little lending library Juli's friend made for her.

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Katie said...

I love cute house. Does anyone actually use that lending library? It's so cute. Good to see Juli. She looks fascinated by the science. And looks like the perfect museum for your family. The van saga continues. ....