Friday, August 7, 2015

Family Road Trip--Day 15

Saturday, June 6--Freddy's birthday

Miles Traveled: 343 Miles (3146 Total)
States Visited: Mississippi, Tennessee
Cost of Gas: $2.56 (Bartlett, TN)
Sites: Arkabutla Lake

 So Freddy completed his first year today. Whether he would have chosen to spend his birthday this way or not, we all drove to Alabama to Arkabutla Lake to go boating. Joey provided the boat. There were life-jackets hanging on a public sign for communal use. In the spirit of that sharing, people at the beach kept snagging the kids' boogie boards when they weren't looking. One came back snapped in half. That's not a complaint--just a memory.  You know, "remember when we went to that lake with the cousins and . . . ."

 The moms stayed on the beach with the littlest kids while the older ones had their turn on the boat. Joey helped Anderson earn his water-skiing merit badge.  The ranger, a garrulous older man, came by to chat several times, and even brought out his mega telephoto lens thing for us to try with my camera. I let Kate deal with using that lens a few times, as I am still using the automatic functions.

with telephoto lens

without telephoto lens

 Rosalie was still interested in catching fish. This one must have been a fairly easy catch, as he was dead.
Jane helped Rosalie give meaning to his death, by fertilizing the bushes with him.

This couch-like tube thing is called Stable Mable, super size version. It fits half a dozen kids at a time and is more fun than any other device I've ever ridden behind a speed boat. Joey tried really hard to get it to tip over when Casey, Anika, and I were riding it. It refused to capsize, and instead snapped the tow rope. Luckily, the rope was in replaceable sections so all we had to do was remove that part and it was good to go again.

The kids were having so much fun, it was hard to make them leave. So we ended up getting home pretty late. Katie had made a really yummy crock-pot chicken thing for dinner (I want the recipe, and Kate's curry recipe, too), and she had also bought a HUGE chocolate cake for Freddy's birthday. We did that thing to him where you give him the cake, and then tell him NOT to eat it while we get pictures, and sing, and do the candle thing, and in the end he's not sure if he's allowed to eat it at all, but whatever, adults are weird that way, so can I be done now, please?

Happy birthday, Fredegar, hope you had as much fun on your birthday as we did!


Phillip Hale said...

Oh, bless you for your every word and picture of my favorite people. At least some of them.

kate said...

Were you in a funny mood when you wrote this? Cause it's really funny. That was a fun day! Love that Freddy!

kate said...

Were you in a funny mood when you wrote this? Cause it's really funny. That was a fun day! Love that Freddy!

Katie said...

I concur. I love your writing Edith! This was so fun to read. And relive.