Monday, July 13, 2015

Family Road Trip - Day 9

Sunday, May 31
States Visited: Tennessee
Dinner: Caleb's famous Pizza
Sites: Church
Lodging: Hales and Wilsons

Casey and I and our two little girls stayed at Wilsons' house for the first half of the week while the teenagers stayed at Hales' house. Then we switched. Except Meri stayed with Malan the whole time.

Church was 9:00 this morning, same time as we have it at home. It was fun to see Joey being the bishop, and Kate being the Primary President, and Katie being the primary chorister. The kids are usually shy about going to classes in another ward, but at least the younger ones had cousins to go with. And the older kids got to go to Sunday School taught by Caleb.

Then we hung out at the Wilsons' house while Caleb made us pizza. Yummy.

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