Saturday, July 11, 2015

Family Road Trip - Day 6

Thursday, May 28
Miles Traveled: 0
States Visited: Florida
Breakfast: Cereal
Lunch: Hot Dogs and Chips by Joey and Katie
Dinner: Spaghetti by everyone, shopping by Kate
Sites: Mirimar Beach
Lodging: Beachfront house in Mirimar Beach, FL

The first thing we did in Florida was let all the kids get sunburnt. We did use sunscreen, and reapplied. I think the only two kids who didn't get sunburns, aside from the two babies, were Emmerson and Anika. Good thing we were only at the beach half a day because of an afternoon storm.

We took our van in to an express lube place to find out why we were using so much oil. Sadly, there was no leak--it was just burning a lot. So we kept adding oil for the rest of the trip.

Walking down to the beach from our rental house after dark.

Crabbing at night.

Crab with various mollusks, including  a sand flea, also known as a mole crab.


Phillip Hale said...

Crabbing at night. Is that anything like a snipe hunt? No, I see you sent proof. I bet the cool water and night air felt good on sunburns.

Phillip Hale said...

So are those crabs good to eat?