Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Revisited

In Preparation For Valentine's Day:

Meredith and Lissa wanted to do their own homemade Valentines this year. This one is Meri's.

And these are Lissa's.

(Anderson hated the ones we bought for him but they turned out to be cool after all-- "Mom, even the girls were like, "Do you want your bug tattoo? Can I have it?"")

Rosalie left me a cup of fresh squeezed monkey.

Valentine's Day:

Anika, who no longer has to do a Valentine for every kid in her class, decided to do one for every one in her family. She left us a card and a plate of heart-shaped pink pancakes for breakfast. There was a rhyme inside for each of us.

Is that my hair? Is that my hair?

Clarissa dressed up all fancy for the 6th Grade dance. (Ah, the 6th grade dance, such memories. Mostly awkward and yucky ones.) She had a great time. So did the other moms and I as we circled the floor taking pictures and remembering back when we learned the same dances taught by the same teacher.

Boy's choice

Girl's choice

I dropped in on Anderson's class. They were playing "minute to win it" games--balancing dice on a popsicle stick held between their teeth, etc. I just missed seeing Anderson hold four dice without moving. So he showed me how he looked when he did it.

Meredith wore her most pink clothing and her tights with hearts on them. She's actually wearing little sister Rosalie's skirt. (Rosalie has sworn off all clothing but her brown butterfly dress. She's been wearing it for three weeks now.) On the tray--our family night dessert, provided by Grandma and Grandpa Songer.

As always, Rosalie told me she loves me several times during the day.

What did Casey and I do for Valentine's Day?
Me: I didn't make monkey bread. And I gave away all of the sugar cookies we baked so that we could avoid temptation. Wasn't that nice of me?
Casey: Said to me, "Don't you look valentine-y!" What I heard: "Blah blah blah tiny!" (Aw, thanks, sweetheart!)


kate said...

i love this post for sooooo many reasons! those frog cards, and oh that glass of monkey is terrifying! your hair, heehee! that short little boy dancing with lissa, ha! pretty lissa, pink meri. love it all. yay. your posts make me happy.

victoria said...

That was an informative and funny post, Edith! I remember when I was taller than all the boys in 6th grade. It is nice to now be shorter than the boys (the boys my age, anyway.) How nice to be tiny! Workin' on it.

Ashparagus said...

Such a cute post! I can't believe they have 6th grade dances now. We never had a dance until 9th. They look so cute. And I LOVE the home made invites. I wanna start doing that. Very darling.

dsadf said...
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