Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Rosalie threw herself on my lap and announced to cousin Ellie, "I found another one!"
Ellie squinted at me sideways and then said, "Okay."
"Another what?" I asked.
"You're in the game!" announced Rosalie.
"What am I in the game?"
"You're in the game with us," she said, patient with my apparent slowness.
I asked, "Am I your mom?"
"Yes, " she said, "Our new mom."
"What happened to your old mom?"
"We killed her." Ellie stated, "Cuz she kept us in a high tower."

I wasn't sure I wanted to be the new mom. I knew I didn't after I related this conversation to Casey and he told me he'd overheard them saying that not only had they killed the old mom, they'd eaten her.


victoria said...

Oh, dear. Maybe I should take the Let's Pretend cd out of the van for a little while.

Patricia said...

Yikes! What do they do with old grandmothers?

kate said...

ha ha! i have the let's pretends in the van too. which reminds me, can i get a new copy of the bluebeard one some time? my girls heard it once and then it broke and they really liked it. how disturbing is that? :) love the conversation between the girlies. so morbidly delightful!

Katie said...

yeah. definitely disturbing. but congrats on getting chosen as the new mom. you have an uncanny resemblance to the old mom.

Jenny said...

I would tell them that you're going to play a new game called "Psychiatric Intervention" which involves going to an office in town and talking to a nice grown-up about parent issues.

Mike McBorg said...

Dads get off pretty easy. To my knowledge, Ellie has not yet killed me. I think its because, in the world of the fairy tail, while step-mothers are evil, fathers are just regular old nincompoops.